Writing Winning Dissertation Proposals

Graduate students have to present their Dissertation Proposals and get the approval before starting an empirical research projects. Research for a higher degree like Master’s or a Doctoral degree normally takes more than one year. The work has to be planned and the research has to be focused and aimed towards an attainable goal. Therefore it is vital that the university authorities have to examine the viability, suitability and student’s capacity to achieve the completion of the proposed research project.

By formulating a formal thesis proposal, the possibility of students wasting their efforts on duplicate scholarly work, impracticable research topics or using wrong methodologies can be eliminated to a certain degree. For these reasons, the research proposals have to be of very high standards and prepared carefully after a detailed study and meticulous planning.

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Elements of a Dissertation Proposal

The purpose of the dissertation proposals is to convince the dissertation committee that the research project you proposed for your dissertation is important and you are capable of completing it. If your research idea is good and the proposal is written in a way that the committee can understand and appreciate the value of your project they will surely approve it. The proposal must be prepared on an accepted structure and there are some essential elements the proposal should contain.

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Problem Statement
  • Importance of the Study
  • Purpose of the Research
  • Research Hypotheses
  • Preliminary Literature Review
  • Proposed Methodology and Procedures
  • Limitations of the study
  • Proposed Timeframe
  • References
  • Appendixes

How to write the Dissertation Proposal

Usually a dissertation proposal runs to about 4000 or 5000 words. A proper dissertation proposal should be well thought, well planned and well researched. This whole exercise may take about six months and the most time consuming task is the literature review.

You can get an example of a literature review from a writing service. The literature review is very important to convince yourself and the dissertation committee the importance of the proposed research and to avoid duplication of research on the selected topic. Without a comprehensive preliminary literature review also establish the validity of your research question by citing other scholars who have given thought to the considerations raised by you.

The formulation of the hypothesis also is the other most important part of the proposal. The committee will also consider the proposed methods for the data collection and data analysis. By presenting a well thought out and carefully developed proposal which clearly outlines all these parts logically and clearly can help you create a winning dissertation proposal.

How can the Professional Help Improve Your Dissertation Proposal?

If your thesis idea is good and appropriate you should be able to convince the dissertation committee to approve your dissertation proposal. But if you cannot present your proposal clearly, completely, neatly and logically the committee is unable to understand the value and your capacity to complete the research.

A professional dissertation service can be of help in preparing your proposal in the way the dissertation committees expect. The literature review takes much time and an experienced dissertation writer can be of immense help to complete a professional well researched literature review. During the period of preparing the proposal they can assist and provide you with ideas for the research topic and advise on the formulation of hypothesis. They can provide thesis statement help as well. So, remember, winning dissertation proposals can be written by you or written for you.