Writing an Impressive Degree Thesis

Writing a Degree Thesis is a Tedious and Tremendous Task

 Degree Thesis is a compulsory requirement for higher degrees like PhD and MPhil. However, thesis is not a compulsory requirement for other degrees as bachelor degrees though it may be an option. Writing a degree thesis is a very tedious task which demands the student’s time, skills, commitment, perseverance and many other resources. Any student undertaking to write a degree thesis should not take it lightly, as the outcome of the whole process has a lasting impact on the whole life and it may be a turning point of the career as well as the life. Since selecting a good thesis topic has tremendous impact on the success rate of thesis writing, the student must explore few interesting thesis ideas before making the final selection.

Thesis Proposal is as Important as the Thesis

It is compulsory for the students studying for higher degrees to get their Degree Thesis proposals and the plans approved before starting the research work. Once approved, the thesis proposal provides the direction to the student until the completion of the thesis. Final proposal explaining all the details usually contains about twenty pages and shall be submitted for approval by the thesis committee. Major elements of thesis proposal include:

• A working thesis title (This may be changed if necessary at later stages)
• A thesis statement and clear and concise outline of the topic and aims of the study
• A brief description of the research methodology
• Theoretical background to the thesis.
• A timetable showing each and every important stages of work until the completion of the thesis.
• List of equipment, instruments, software and resources that will be required.

Thesis committee will evaluate the student’s competence based on the proposal clarity, the style and language used, the technical skills, theoretical knowledge, and the planned research methodology as well as the appropriateness of the topic before granting approval.

Success Depends on Working to the Thesis Plan

Many students fail to appreciate the value of working according to a plan. Writing a degree thesis is a serious task and can be accomplished only if the student adheres to the every step of the plan. Thesis plan must show all the important steps of the whole project with scheduled starting and finishing dates. Ample time shall be allocated taking practical considerations into account. Schedule must provide for the meetings with supervisor and the professor.

Writing a Degree Level Thesis

Writing the thesis must follow all the accepted academic traditions and must conform to the rules given by your university. Writing style, formatting and the prescribed components are aspects that must be given serious attention. Following are the important pats of the thesis.

• Cover Page
• Title page
• Acknowledgements page (where necessary)
• Thesis abstract
• Contents Page
• Introduction (Outline, importance and background of topic, thesis statement)
• Literature review
• Main Body (Evidences, information, data, findings, arguments in separate chapters)
• Analysis
• Conclusion
• Reference citations
• Appendices

Degree Thesis is too important to be ignored

Final advice on the degree thesis is “don’t ignore any of the steps in whole process of thesis writing” as it is too important to be ignored. If you are not sure or if you are late immediately get the help. The best thesis help available is with on-line professional thesis writing services. However beware of incompetent services and choose the experts in the industry.