Tips on Writing Design Thesis

Design Theses Present Design Projects of a Student

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Design Thesis is the document prepared by the students in various fields of studies that involve design works. These may involve Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Machine Design and Interaction Design where students need to present their design projects. In contrast to the other literary theses and academic thesis, the design thesis does not have a thesis question or a thesis argument. The thing is that the most design theses find a solution to an existing problem in the form of a new and innovative project. Usually, the students of Design Faculty show their creativity by presenting a report or a thesis on their projects that are sometimes supported by the prototypes on their designs. As there are differences in the way the thesis is written, the terminology is used, and the whole process is presented, it is important to examine those dissimilarities.

Design as a Solution to a Problem

Students who study in any of the above-mentioned fields make their designs be a solution to a problem, existing or anticipated. Interaction design is a rapidly developing field of design study which is becoming a key design area of this century. The experts foresee that there will be a big demand for graduates in this important subject, as it needs a mastery of imaginative, creative and analytical skills.

Design Thesis Project and Structure of the Thesis

In architecture, landscape architecture and interior design, the degrees thesis writing process is similar. It is imperative for the students to find a suitable project that will provide an effective solution to a problem. Usually, there are many steps in the thesis process writing, namely the statement of intent, thesis proposal, thesis program and the final thesis presentation. According to the university and the course, there may be considerable differences between all of them. For example, a statement of intent is the document preceding the Project proposal; however, some universities accept the proposal without the statement of intent. In general, a complete thesis proposal shall contain the following elements:

• Thesis cover
• The Project Title and Signature Page
• Table of Contents

• Thesis Abstract

• Problem Statement
• The Project Typology (landscape typology or building typology)
• A Theoretical Premise/ Unifying Idea for the Thesis
• Project Justification
• Narrative of the Theoretical Premise/Unifying Idea
• A User/Client Description
• Major Project Elements
• Site Information
• Project Emphasis
• A Plan for Proceeding
• Definitions of Research Direction
• A Plan for your Design Methodology
• A Plan for Documenting the Design Process
• A Specific Schedule for the Project
• Previous Design Studio Experience
• Reference List

The main difference between the design thesis and a literary thesis consists in the requirements of plans, drawings, graphs photographs and any other materials intended to support the design.

Final Thesis Paper or Thesis Book

Thesis writing is a more complex task than any other type of thesis because the designs, drawings, prototypes, and other materials also belong to the thesis. The students must prepare the report which is an expansion of the previous documents, statement of intent and the thesis proposal.

Thesis Exhibition and the Final Project Review

All the theses submitted by the students are displayed for the view of public, sponsors and the clients of the projects and university community. This is an annual event which takes place on a regular basis. After the annual thesis exhibition, the students have to face the final Review for their design thesis. The student is required to present his/her thesis to a thesis jury and target audience where he/she gets the final grade