Importance of Dissertation Editing

Ignoring Dissertation Editing Invites Rejection or Revision

How important is Dissertation Editing? Can you do it by yourself? These are the questions faced by the graduate students preparing there dissertations. Dissertation is written to present the results of a study or research work done by the student. The importance of the findings and the new knowledge gained can be conveyed to the academia and the professionals only if the dissertation is written clearly and logically. Graduate students’ achievements are evaluated on the merits of the contribution from the dissertation to the advancement of knowledge rather than the students’ language skills. Still, if the dissertation is incomprehensible and just a collection of words, universities cannot accept the dissertation and award a degree. They will either reject or return the dissertation for revision even though the contents merit the award of the degree. Therefore editing a dissertation is an absolute necessity. In many countries dissertations are called as theses and hence thesis editing amounts to the same and dissertation editing.

What is Included in the Editing Task

Editing a dissertation has many tasks. Ultimate objective is to produce a mistake free, clear and readable dissertation conveying the findings and the knowledge of the student. To achieve this there are many things to be done with the dissertation written by the student. The Dissertation Editing tasks are:

• Proofreading: This involves correction of typographical and language mistakes like Spellings, Punctuations, Capitalizations and Grammar. If you edit your own writing you may not see your mistakes. Therefore dissertation should be edited by somebody else, not the author.

• Improving clarity by rephrasing and using appropriate words: Sentences that are too long have a tendency to distort the meaning. Editors can correct this type of sentences. Replacing inappropriate words and vague phrases will greatly enhance the readability of the dissertation.

• Formatting: Dissertation editing can check the compliance with the formats specified in the writing styles like MLA, APA or Chicago.

• Checking the Reference citation: Reference citation is very important for the credibility of the dissertation. Therefore your reference list must be error-free. Editors can check the reference lists and correct that.

• Correcting Graphisc and Tables: Tables, graphs, pictures, charts and maps are an essential part of some types of dissertations, especially dealing with technical and scientific topics. Errors and mistakes are common in these and can be corrected in Dissertation Editing.

Professional Dissertation Editing Services

Professional dissertation editing services have panels of academics from various disciplines. Your dissertation will go to an academic from your discipline. The selected editor will be knowledgeable on the subject matter and technical jargon of the field of specialty as well as English Language. You can expect a better service from a good editing service than from an individual from who is an expert in another field. Remember that Dissertation Editing is not only correcting Spelling and Grammar.

How to Select a Good Editing Service

If you think that any dissertation editing service that has set up a website are capable of bringing your dissertation or degree thesis to an excellent level. You’ll have to do some evaluation of a couple of good services to select a very reliable and competent service. There are some important attributes to look for when selecting an editing service.

How to Avoid Rejection and Revision of your Dissertation

If you have done your research properly, collected the reliable data analyzed and the data as per the methodology proposed, your dissertation merits a pass. But the supervisor and the dissertation committee cannot give a passing grade if the dissertation is not presented in clear language and there are errors and mistakes. Only options available to them are either reject or return the dissertation for correction. To avoid this student shall get the dissertation edited in a professional way before submission. Guarantee your success by getting editing help from a good thesis writing service.