How to Write a Comparison Thesis

Use the Comparison Thesis to Show the Similarities

If it is required to study how two variables, constructs or two things are similar to each other, a comparison thesis or an essay is written. When a student is given an assignment to write an essay comparing two works of literature or art, two personalities of high standing, historically or present time student must collect all the possible information on the two subject matters. The mastery of writing the comparison thesis can be acquired if you can collect as much information as possible and analyze and uncover similarities in a way that supports the thesis objective.

Essentials of a Comparison Thesis

It is common idiom that oranges cannot be compared with apples. This means that different types of things cannot be compared. Two objects being compared must have bases of similarities or commonalities. Otherwise it is not possible to compare these items or variable. Comparing must have some basis, or a frame of reference for the comparison. A science thesis may opt to compare micro nutrient content values like vitamin and other minerals in two common fruit groups being consumed by people. Another thesis paper may compare different architectural styles. Yet another comparison may be made on different organisational structures or products in the market. So any comparison is based on a similarity and a frame of reference.

Research for Information and Data

When comparing two objects or persons it is unfair if you look for two or three points for comparison and generalize that for whole range of parameters. Therefore it is imperative that you collect as much information as possible to compare. It may be hard work, but the quality and credibility of your work depends mainly on this. Once you collect information you must organize them methodically and select a small number of very important similarities out of whole heap of information you collected. It is not possible to examine all the similarities in one paper.

How to Write the Paper

Before you start to write the thesis you must decide on the thesis style. The structure of a comparison thesis is slightly different from other theses. After the introduction chapter three chapters can be allocated to discuss three main similarities taking one at a time. In another method all three parameters of one object is considered first and parameters of the next object is discussed in another paragraph. Concluding paragraph you have to restate the thesis statement summarizing the similarities that were explained in the body chapters. It is essential to include the reference thesis citation or the bibliography too.

Professional Assistance is Legitimate and not Unethical

There are so many reasons for students seeking professional assistance to complete their assignments be it a comparison thesis or any other. On main reason is lack of time due to ill-health or extra-curricular works and other personal obligations. Other main reason is inadequate support from academic staff allocated, especially for those who may need special help. Other reasons include lack of facilities for the research work, lack of previous experience and inadequate language skills. It is advisable in the interest of the student, that they seek help from a professional thesis writing service rather than failing to get the degree, wasting money and valuable time.