How to Approach the Task of Creating Thesis

Tips on Creating Thesis that Pass the Scrutiny of the Thesis Committee

Many students like to pursue higher degrees after they obtain their first degree. Main or only coursework for students studying for higher degrees is creating thesis. Doing an academic thesis of PhD level usually takes one year or more. The output of one years work, the thesis, must justify the resources used for it, money, time and other resources made available by your university. The main result expected from the thesis is the student’s contribution to the existing human knowledge. The second result is the development of empirical researching skills of the student so that he/she can contribute to the knowledge in future.

Thesis is the Result of Your Research

What is research? One definition is search for knowledge or investigation to establish facts. Graduate students are expected to search for scholarly knowledge within their fields of studies. They think up and strategies a research and execute it to unearth new knowledge. In other words a research must have a specific topic to start with. Narrowed down topic can be the thesis topic and the thesis statement must be written based on the main research objectives. Revising the thesis statement may be necessary when the research progresses. These preliminary ideas should be further clarified and submitted for approval within a thesis proposal which is the first step in creating thesis.

Importance of a Research Plan

Once the area of investigation or the research is selected, and the thesis statement is ready, the student draws up a systematic and practical plan for his/her research project. Though one whole year is available for creating thesis it is normal for the students to ask for extensions or do the finishing work in a hurry at the last moment. This is the result of either not making a practical plan or not following the plan made at the beginning.

Presenting Your New Found Knowledge – Writing the Thesis

When you have found enough information, data and evidence in support of your thesis these must be analyzed. The data analysis can be done with qualitative or quantitative methods, depending on the thesis methodology and research objectives. Once the research information and analysis results are at hand, you must start writing the thesis immediately. In writing the thesis you must consult the thesis supervisor regarding writing style, word count limitation, and thesis defense. You must prepare an outline for the thesis according to a suitable structure. A sample structure for a science thesis is given below.

• Introduction

• Literature Review

• Thesis Methodology

• Result Analysis

• Discussion

• Conclusion

Get Help When Necessary – It is not a Cause for Shame

When you are embroiled in research work you cannot devote much time on trivialities of preparing the thesis. However, all your efforts will be useless if you fail to present findings in a way that others accept and can understand. This is why your thesis writing must comply with approved and established standards and formats. If you are not competent with these standards and formats, you can seek professional help. The help you get can make a world of difference to the hard work you put in terms of the field research. The improvements may be in areas of language, like spelling, grammar and use of proper and appropriate language. You may get help on writing styles, formatting cover pages, and citation of references from an expert. Editing, proof reading and thesis printing are other areas where you must get help. Enlisting a good thesis writing service can save lot of time and a possible disaster, and disappointments.