A Thesis Statement is of Critical Importance

A Thesis Statement Is The Core Idea Of Your Research Paper

Undertaking the task of writing your dissertation paper is not as easy or simple as writing an ordinary essay. Such a project is usually considered tedious and a lot of procedures have to be followed too. So it is important that you first understand what a thesis statement is and other basic aspects of writing a dissertation paper.

What is a thesis statement, in the first place? A thesis statement is the central, or core idea presented in a research paper. Everything begins with this core discussion idea, and your job is to affirm that the basic premise stated in the thesis statement is true and valid; you do this by providing evidence and research work in support of your idea.

As mentioned earlier, writing the thesis statement can be one of the most difficult aspects of thesis writing, and there are varying standards to determine whether your paper is of a high quality or not. There are however some universal rules and if you follow these, you can be confident of creating a very good thesis statement.

Your thesis statement has to reflect what type of research paper you are writing. Basically, there are three types of dissertation papers that use a thesis statement – analytical, argumentative and explanatory. Each one of these types creates a particular purpose for your thesis statement.

An argumentative statement, for instance, defines the subject of the essay, what the subject is expected to do or to change, and the reasons for your claim that such is the case. For instance, College graduates (subject) should be asked to take part in an internship (what the subject is expected to do), connected to their area of study, to gain experience of the real world (reason for change) and a genuine working knowledge of the relevant industry (reason for change).

Similarly, an analytical thesis statement has to provide a clear exposition of what area or conflict needs to be analyzed. An explanatory statement has to identify the subject and set out what you will explain about it.

You can arrive at a clear idea of what a thesis statement is, and whether you have succeeded in creating a correct thesis statement by asking yourself some questions.

One of the questions is: Where is your thesis statement located? Preferably, the thesis statement should appear as early as possible in your essay, ideally in the first paragraph. If your essay is longer, your statement may run into several sentences or even appear in the second paragraph. However, take care not to hide your thesis statement in the middle of a paragraph – it should appear in the beginning or in the end of a paragraph so as to guide the reader effectively.

You can also ask yourself: Is the thesis statement general or specific? A specific statement summarizes the purpose of your dissertation in a single sentence. If the statement is too broad or general, the chances are your essay will not succeed in covering all the aspects mentioned in the thesis statement.

Writing your thesis statement can initially seem like an intimidating task. However, once you understand clearly what a thesis statement is, and by following the rules mentioned, you can formulate an effective thesis statement for your paper. You can also take recourse to custom thesis available online if you require further assistance.